Men: Upgrade Your Spring 2017 Style With These Tips

If you feel like your style needs an upgrade, it probably does. But chances are, you already own some key pieces that compliment this season’s trends. Keep reading for tips on what to keep and what to toss for a stylish spring upgrade.


Whenever I meet someone new, we talk about fashion. And at some point they usually tell me that their style needs a serious upgrade: That everything in their closet needs to be tossed so they can start fresh. In reality, that’s probably not the case. Usually, we get tired of the way we style what we own. Then, we don’t get around to updating our look because shopping for an entirely new wardrobe can get expensive —fast. Fortunately for our pockets, it’s not too hard to reinvent old pieces by wearing them in new ways.

Start with something simple, most T-shirts and bomber jackets, for example, are timeless without trying too hard.  Take an old graphic shirt or hoodie and pair it with a clean trucker jacket from Levis for a classic look. Or try a satin bomber with embroidered details for an on trend feel that’s as effortless as it is cool. Colors to hang onto are brights such as a nickelodeon orange, all blues, firey reds, and yellows. Neutrals like tan, olive, and mauve look great when worn monochrome. Or pair them with spring/summer ’17 prints like stripes, camo,  bleach distressed, and leopard.

Instagram is easily the best place for style inspiration right now. But what works for someone else, might not always work for you. Stay true to your personal style by playing up pieces you already love and elevating with trendy accents. On IG? Tag us on your new style shots using the hashtag #StyleVibes for a chance to get featured.


Extra tip: If you’re serious about updating your style, The first step to updating your look is to get organized. Look through everything in your closet and create 3 piles: 1 for pieces you haven’t worn in 6 months, 1 for pieces worn and dated, 1 for things that still look crisp and really good on you. (It helps to work with a stylish friend, they’ll be more honest about what actually looks good). Neatly put away the last pile and you’re off to a solid start! Using this article as a guide to sort through the rest will help update your closet without making you a super trend clone. Still lost? Hire a local stylist, it’s totally worth it.



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