Design: RAGMUF, Chair-Rugs Colorfully Upgrade Old Furniture

Crafted by Finnish designer Tulla Pöyhönen and entrepreneur Martta Leskelä., RAGAMUF is a stretchy chair rug that fits chairs of different sizes. Each is handmade by Syrian refugee women living along the Turkish border. RAGAMUF is knitted from fabric surplus from the textile industry, making beautiful use of scraps that would be discarded otherwise.In an interview with Helsinki Design Week, the crafty duo explains the inspiration behind chair rugs.

“In the farthest corner of a local textile store, I found a couple of bolts of dusty openwork patterned knits. The pattern had unusually large holes, which is hard to find these days. As I re-entered the store, I was thinking about my boys with their iPads sitting on the ugly sofas of the residence. In that moment I had a great idea of redressing the sofas.”


What I like most about the RAGMUF concept is the flexibility of the fabric. I’m that person that loves shopping, but always wants to change some aspect of the design. RAGMUF allows us as the buyer of the product, to decide what colors and patterns we want. It allows us to determine the shape of our chair or size of our chair-rug. Its complete customization of a design woven with social-responsibility. Right now each chair rug is selling for a discounted rate on indiegogo as they finish building their official website. Whether you buy now, or buy later, this is a purchase to be 100% proud of. Support RAGMUF and the Syrian Refugee women working diligently to keep chair rugs alive via


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