Art: Shannon Wya Uses Dadaism to Illustrate Consciousness in Pop Culture

By using paint and word art to cover the eyes of A-listers and trendy models, Shannon Wya uses Dada style collage work to articulate unawareness in pop-culture.

Art, as art is always subjective. It can be admired for its beautiful colors or relatable themes. Rarely, though is it ever just something pretty to look at. Because artists are deep thinkers, we find ways to hide political themes in plain sight..sometimes pushing the subconscious to process the things people don’t interpret immediately.

Shannon Wya‘s artwork pans out in this way. At first glance, you’ll see a really dope photograph with hidden eyes, occasionally accented by splashes of black paint shaped into spiritually significant designs.

Symbolically speaking, hiding eyes could be representative of their inability to recognize their own faults or achieve self-awareness. It could be a depiction of guarding their sense of self or being detached from the soul. The number of possibilities keeps a bit of mystery around Wya’s pieces. One undeniable aspect is the clear disconnect between each subject and the larger reality around them..just outside of their mental world. They exude confidence while being totally disengaged from the ‘writings on the wall.’ This disengagement in collage artwork is part of what makes its statements so strong.

In descriptions on the artist’s shop, Wyn explains that her art is inspired by things like Sun Ra’s philosophy, David Bowie albums, and ancient royalty. Modern art isn’t always so deep, but it’s refreshing when it is. Collage art stems from Dadaism, the political disarray, and need for self-expression that emerged after WWI. And as the love child of print, photography, and hand drawing, collage artwork is well suited for today’s world, you know..the one infected with nationalist leaders.

Shannon Wya is an art student studying in the United Kingdom. Shop her pieces by clicking

(all images from Shannon Wya’s shop page)

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